Comprehensive Subsurface Solution


GroundSCOPE™ provides a design ready, subsurface rendering of your project that displays geologic layers and utilities. Methods include seismic, wire tracing, GPR and other methods both commonly used and proprietary to Optim.

SeisOpt™ ReMi©

SeisOpt™ ReMi© uses ambient noise as a seismic source, it is ideal for use in busy areas, such as airports, cities and highways. SeisOpt™ ReMi© is the international standard for determining International Building Code (IBC) ground shaking potential.

SeisOpt™ @2D - Refraction

Seismic refraction is a method used to identify rock properties, geological structures, and much more. Once the data is collected and analyzed, it produces a 2D tomographic image displaying velocity contrast, i.e. geological boundaries.

Data Processing

Optim can process 1D and 2D Remi, Seismic Refraction with on-demand service through our Client Portal.

Data Acquisition

Optim provides 1D, 2D, and Refraction seismic data acquisition for projects including earthquake site response, liquefaction analysis, pavement evaluation, and finding buried cultural features.


Providing professional training on our SeisOpt™ Suite and seismic equipment. From the Phillipines to Chile, Optim will travel to you and provide the best quality training.

Utility Locate Services

Optim is able to use five different utility locate methods including Conductive Mode, Inductive Mode, Passive Mode, Sonde Insertion, Tracing Wire, and Ground Penetrating Radar.

Seismic Equipment

Optim will provide options for your seismic acquisition and monitoring systems needed to pair with our SeisOpt™ software and services. 

Equipment Rental

Seismic acquisition and monitoring systems needed to pair with our SeisOpt™ software and services.

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