SeisOpt© Suite


SeisOpt  ReMi©

SeisOpt ReMi© 1D produces the IBC site classification by creating a depth and velocity model of your project site. 2D ReMi© can reveal the location of layers of rock, soil, and anomalous areas such as fill and buried rubble. SeisOpt ReMi© is a tool to help visualize subsurface unknowns in a non-intrusive, non-invasive process. SeisOpt ReMi© will provide solutions to help reduce the unknowns of the subsurface. 

ReMi© uses ambient noise as a seismic source, and is ideal for use in busy areas, such as airports, cities and highways. Since being released in 2001, SeisOpt ReMi© has become the international standard for determining International Building Code (IBC) ground shaking potential and has been used at projects such as nuclear power generation, storage facilities, major bridges, and other critical structures.




SeisOpt @ 2D©

Released in 1997, SeisOpt @2D was the first “shrink wrapped” software product in the world to bring simple, fast and automated analysis of seismic data using advanced simulated annealing algorithms to geotechnical, engineering and academic institutions around the world. @2D reveals subsurface earth structure in layer density of the users choosing in report quality output, providing users with the subsurface information in the detail required to address project needs.

SeisOpt @2D is for imaging complex subsurface features such as faults, landslides, karst, tunnels, and fill materials using active seismic sources, such as hammers, seis-guns and vibro-seis. @2D also allows the user to test that the subsurface has been adequately sampled before leaving the project. @2D is designed to handle from simple to extreme surface topography so it is ideal for use where projects cross mountains, trenches, or other challenging terrain. @2D can contribute to the success of your project. We can customize a solution tailored to meet your project needs and budget.