Optim Lives in the Subsurface

Optim’s GroundSCOPE™

What is GroundSCOPE™ and why do I need it


From permitting and smart costing through design and into construction GroundSCOPE™ provides a transparent rendering of the subsurface to your project depth. This includes the utilities, soil and rock conditions.

Understanding subsurface conditions are critical for the success of engineered structures, heavy civil projects and designing horizontal bores as well.GroundScope is a non-intrusive, non-invasive and environmentally friendly services that provides critical subsurface information for your project. Using GroundSCOPE™ has reduced the need for extensive pothole programs, streamlined design permitting and avoided design conflicts at engineered projects.

By using GroundSCOPE™ design conflicts can be avoided before a project starts. In addition, it decreases the need for expensive and destructive methods that require intrusion into earth and pavement, and at the same time provides a continuous view of your projects subsurface over its entire area.

GroundSCOPE™ is economic, fast and simple.





Deliver Results

GroundSCOPE Process

A single call to Optim will dispatch a GroundSCOPE crew to your site to take care of your subsurface challenges.



GroundSCOPE is a proprietary algorithm that is carefully tailored to meet the needs and accommodate the subsurface conditions of your project. Optim Earth scientists and engineers carefully select and implement the techniques that will most accurately meet the subsurface imaging requirements of your project. Methods include seismic, wire tracing, GPR and other methods both commonly used and proprietary to Optim. In particular, Optim has soil and rock imaging technology, used at critically engineered projects globally capable of penetrating to depths well exceeding 100 feet in urban areas.


GroundSCOPE is designed for minimal disruption to traffic, businesses and pedestrians making it both safe and attractive to government, merchants, and the public VS extensive and intrusive potholing and borehole programs.

Process Data

Our process is designed to be contained within a single traffic envelope and move quickly, spending about 30 minutes at any single location at once. This facet of GroundSCOPE™, the speed at which it can be executed, not only makes it cost effective for our clients, but safer as well.  

Deliver Results

Our expert staff of scientists and engineers process all of the various methods selected for a GroundSCOPE™ independently. Each method is weighted in our proprietary algorithm to create the most accurate location data possible for utilities, soil, and rock. All of the processed results are then integrated into a single, BIM/Design ready view of the subsurface by scientists and engineers at Optim. This is perhaps the most exciting and valuable facet of GroundSCOPE™.

GroundSCOPE™, once completed, will provide design-ready, 3D transparent view of the subsurface over your entire project area including utilities, soil and earth to avoid design conflicts,reduce standby, stay on budget, and be sure that your project meets schedule.GroundSCOPE™ output is in Civil 3D or other design platforms, BIM ready and available for engineers, architects, contractors, and other workers both on and off the site. For the drawing board or ready for use at the project site.  GroundSCOPE™ team members will work closely with your staff to be sure that subsurface utilities are as represented on current project plans and as-builts. From there we will design an integrated plan to map out subsurface unknowns at your project. We will then work with your staff to be sure GroundSCOPE™ is conducted safely an in concert with other activities at your project.

Optim’s 21 year dedication to inventing and deploying value based subsurface imaging technology as software and services that makes GroundSCOPE™ possible.As part of the Orix constellation of integrated companies, Optim is a one-call, custom solution for your project’s subsurface challenges.

Working with our Orix network, Optim earth can design a complete subsurface imaging solution for your project that includes traffic permitting and control, subsurface imaging of utilities, soil and rock, an integrated pothole program, and CCTV pipeline services. It has been fun sharing GroundSCOPE™ and we look forward to planning with you on how GroundSCOPE™ will assist in beating your subsurface challenges.