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Since 1997, Optim Earth software and related services has been a global innovator for understanding and de-risking the subsurface. With headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, software development and data services center in Reno, Nevada, and an international track record of projects successfully completed, Optim Earth can provide your project with a comprehensive and integrated subsurface solution to meet the most challenging plan, design, construction and energy exploration conditions.

Subsurface imaging solutions include our SeisOpt© Suite of seismic data processing software for imaging laterally complex earth, rock and cultural features, such as faults and buried objects and our GroundSCOPE™ integrated subsurface imaging solution for earth, rock, utilities and other subsurface objects in a single BIM ready model to de-risk your project and address design conflicts before construction begins. Further, GroundSCOPE™ will also provide for digital archiving for sharing at all levels of your projects and for future work at the site.

As part of the Orix constellation of companies, Optim Earth can provide turn-key solutions for your project including traffic permitting, subsurface imaging, vacuum truck and potholing services. All our results can be digitally archived to keep all of your information current. We thank you for your interest in Optim Earth. Please contact us to find out how we can assist in bringing your project in on budget and on schedule!

Our Highlights



A single call to Optim will dispatch a GroundSCOPE crew to your site to take care of your subsurface challenges. The speed not only makes it cost effective, but safer as well



Optim’s client portal makes it simple to submit seismic data where it is processed by our expert staff and promptly returned and ready for use. Optim wants your project to be done accurately  and efficiently.



Optim provides a high quality transparent rendering of the subsurface to your project depth, including utilities, soil and rock conditions. Optim has soil and rock imaging technology, used at critically engineered projects globally capable of penetrating to depths well exceeding 100 feet in urban areas

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”In the US alone it is estimated an  underground utility is hit every 60 seconds and the average direct cost of repair approximates $1,000 so the cost to the US economy is $1.5 trillion annually, excluding indirect costs such as traffic disruption, project schedule delays, and others”

GEOFF ZEISS – Article Why Underground Mapping Matters, and How its Improving

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