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Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

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SeisOpt Suite ©

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“GroundSCOPE™ team members will work closely with your staff to be sure that subsurface utilities are as represented on current project plans and as-builts. From there we will design an integrated plan to map out subsurface unknowns at your project. We will then work with your staff to be sure GroundSCOPE™ is conducted safely an in concert with other activities at your project.”




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GroundSCOPE™ lives in Heavy Civil. Understanding subsurface conditions are critical for the success of heavy civil projects. From bidding through design and into construction. GroundSCOPE™ provides a transparent rendering of the subsurface at heavy civil projects from the surface to project depth, including utilities, soil and earth conditions. The output is in Civil 3D or other design platforms, BIM ready and available for engineers, architects, contractors and other workers both on and off the site. For the drawing board or ready for use at the project site. GroundSCOPE™ is a proprietary algorithm that integrates multi-faceted techniques into a single, design ready transparent image of your project, including utilities, soil and rock. It is Optim’s 21 year dedication to inventing and deploying value based technology as software and services that makes GroundSCOPE™ possible. GroundSCOPE™ is a turn-key solution for your subsurface project challenges.

Optim’s SeisOpt© software as a service program economically provides builders with the tools necessary to accurately reveal subsurface soil, rock and structural conditions, such as faults and other complex features. Optim provides with the training, hardware and software ability to independently acquire quality seismic data using their own staff.

The builder can then upload the seismic data automatically to Optim, where it will be processed by expert staff and promptly returned to the builder ready for use. SeisOpt© software as a service provides builders with the economy, flexibility and expertise necessary to get the subsurface information they need to enhance design, meet budgets and stay on schedule.

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