Comprehensive Subsurface Solution

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Comprehensive Subsurface Solution

Seismic Software

Our SeisOpt™ software is a simple, easy, tool to accurately reveal subsurface soil, rock and structural conditions in any location. Our software is able to determine the International Building Code (IBC) ground shaking potential and image faults, landslides, and underground fill.

Seismic Services

Optim provides a variety of Seismic Services including GroundSCOPE™, Data Acquistion, Data Processing, SeisOpt™ ReMi© and SeisOpt™ @2D Training, Equipment Sales, and Equipment Rentals.

Utility Locate Services

Optim uses five different utility locate methods including Conductive Mode, Inductive Mode, Passive Mode, Sonde Insertion, Tracing Wire, and Ground Penetrating Radar.

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